Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

“M.E.C.C.A., as its name indicates, is a hub for people who are searching for the meaning of life. It caters to the newly converted as well as to those who wish to refresh their knowledge about the three basic components of Islam; Iman, Islam and Ihsan. It endeavors to provide students with access to the best teachers from around the world.”

Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh is a teacher of self-purification whose family lineage links back to Imam Hasan al Basri (rahimahullah). The method of self-purification he currently teaches to those under his guidance links back to Sayyidna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh (rahimahullah) and Sayyidna Abdul Qadri al Jilani (rahimahullah) and is known as Tareeqah Muhammadiyah. He has taken these teachings to Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Denmark and various places in the Middle East and the West. Recently, with the assistance of his students, he has established three centers of self-purification (zawiyahs) in North Western England and has also launched a television station where various Islamic lectures can be viewed.

At six years of age, the Shaykh had a desire to memorize the Qur’an and he began to learn the Islamic sciences. He has studied Islamic beliefs, jurisprudence (fiqh), hadith, self-purification, seerah (biography of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ), and other Islamic sciences, gaining ijazahs (permissions) from various teachers and chains of transmission (isnad) leading back to such important Islamic figures as Imam Abu Mansur al Maturidi, Imam Abu Hanifa, Sayyidna Abdul Qadir al Jilani and others (rahimahum Allah). The Shaykh has also received ijazahs from teachers in several tareeqahs including the Naqshbandi, Qadiri, Suharwardi and Shadhili-Darqawi tareeqahs. His first teachers were his grandfather and grandmother (rahimahumaa Allah) who were known to be pious, ascetic servants of Allah. His great grandfather, Shaykh Khayrudeen Auliyah, was a disciple of Shaykh Bahauddeen Zakariyyah Multani Suharwardi (rahimahullah).

Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh has also studied at the Salford University and University of Central Lancashire, and has gained his BTEC First and National Diploma in Business & Finance. He then achieved his postgraduate diploma in business administration and his DPSI diploma in public services. The Shaykh has worked for the police and prison services in the U.K. He now chooses to drive as a means of livelihood and does not take any wage for the work of religion.

Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh was born in Pakistan, grew up in Denmark and now resides in Greater Manchester, UK, with his family.